Battle of the Breads.

I was just tucking into some pitta and houmous. You know, as ya do. It’s 20 to 10, I’m doing a spot of work, fancied a light snack, pitta and houmous.

So anyway, I’m digging in, it’s the tits, of course it is, houmous is one of the finest dips known to man and pitta is one of the finest dipping agents. Tear that oval bastard, dip it in. (preferably lightly toasted but I’m not one to be fussy.)

Anyway, it reminded of a time I got a kebab. It’s been known to happen. So, anyway, this particular time, I was fully ready to be eating my kebab meat out of a pitta bread, pitta bread is the standard flour-based accompaniment to the donner of course. This one time though, I was given the option to go large and the large option was served on a naan. Now, the naan is an entirely different beast.

Naan breads are more at home being eaten with your standard curry fare. Kormas, Massalas, maybe a Madras if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe a Vindaloo, if you’ve got a point to prove and/or the need to send a fiery demon through your rectum. Naan breads don’t belong with donner kebabs, at least not in England, as far as i’ve ever known.

When this occurence happened, my life changed. The bread was softer, the grasp was firmer, the sandwich-esque nature of this late night, drunken munch was something to be proud of.

Tonight, my head was flooded with the thoughts of that night and my realisation of the superiority of the naan. Although I’ve nothing against the pitta, the naan reigns supreme (especially if we’re talking about a cheeky peshwari, you filth).

Any other bread suggestions can be posted below.*


*But fuck off with your ciabatta or panini. You’d be all kinds of wrong. They pale into insignificance against both pitta and naan.

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Breads.

  1. Garlic & coriander naan bread stuffed with tandoori chicken = the food of the gods.
    Pitta and houmous is obviously amazing though, but it’s nothing on the naan. It’s like a naans little siser, a little bit girly, a bit underdeveloped, but there when you need her.

    ps. Pitta bread smeared in a bit of tuna pate? No? Ok. But it’s the tits.

    • Plus naan is the tits when it’s warmed up after going cold. Pitta just goes hard and crumbly. You ever tried to make a stuffed pitta out of old pitta? Don’t even try, you’ll just come out looking like a prat.

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