Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory review

I just listened to Lady Gaga’s new song, and unknowingly managed to live blog it in a conversation with my good friend Joseph Stashko. Here is the live-blogged text in full. (This may or not be a shameless attempt to get some hits by pouncing on the almost definitely popular Lady Gaga and to milk her ‘monsters’ for all they’re worth)

James Butlin

oh…it sounds a bit…x factor?

Joseph Stashko

hahah, yeah it does so far

James Butlin

but like maybe take that quality x factor

Joseph Stashko

bit kareoke

I’m hoping there’s some massive chorus

James Butlin

a huge breakdown

oh, it just got really cascada

intense synth

i think it sounds like katy perry actually

it reminds me loads of a song

can’t put my finger on it

but basically, she’s going to be playing in front of a huge fucking wind machine

Joseph Stashko



Joseph Stashko

with fuckloads of confetti

and shit

James Butlin

brilliant, some jazz synth

i’ve no idea what this is

Joseph Stashko

oooh, just got it

haha, that’s awesome


it’s lke

tina turner

James Butlin

this is like whitney houston being fucked by trance

Joseph Stashko

with miles davis bumming her

James Butlin

just lolled

i quite like it

it’s like “i’m not messing around, this is me doing some pop, some proper pop”

“but wait for the jazz, because that will come at you like a rapist”

Joseph Stashko


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