This blog is run by James Butlin, mostly to review and comment on film, but from time to time, it’s perfectly likely that you’ll see any number of other topics, these can range from Mini Cheddars to that thought process you get when walking behind someone and whether you should overtake them or not, depending on yours or their speed. James Butlin is currently writing in third person and is close to ending university. He has been editor of the University of Central Lancashire’s student magazine PR1 and has done a few other bits and bobs too. You can find James tweeting in first person on Twitter and all that at @jebutlin. Feel free to comment, don’t spam me, because I’ll probably quote your spam on Twitter.

(If I’ve used your image and you aren’t happy, just let me know and I’ll take it down, no copyright stealing is intended)

Contact me if you want me to write something for you or if you want to tell me how absolutely terrible my opinions are:

Email: butlin05@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @jebutlin

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